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Where is this program applicable?

Our service maintenance agreement is targeted to businesses located in New York (Nassau County, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Parts of New Jersey)

What are some of the tasks that these technicians do?

The technician assigned to your company would be performing whatever tasks your Desktop/LAN require:

bullet Performing weekly / monthly backups.
bullet Checking Desktop/LAN performance.
bullet Computer Tune-ups & Preventive Maintenance.
bullet Maintaining state-of-the-art virus protection
bullet Removing and preventing pop-ups, spyware, ad ware and spam.
bullet Deleting Temp files and cyber junk.
bullet Checking for any unforeseen Desktop/LAN problems to minimize end user downtime.
bullet Suggest new technologies to enhance your current computer environment.
bullet Keeping your end users running smoothly.
bullet Answering and solving technical end-user problems.
bullet Helping end users achieve their daily tasks more efficiently.
bullet Upgrading your computer software and hardware.
bullet Troubleshooting and repairing any hardware or software problems that may arise.

 Why Computer Configurations?

bullet Because we extensively train our technicians on current technologies before they are sent to the field.
bullet Because we work as a team. We assist and share information with other team members when they need it.
bullet Because lack of experience can be more costly to your business.
bullet Because "The Do It Yourself" takes longer to complete a job causing delays in production and services to your customers.
bullet Because other areas may suffer in your business as personnel is taking away from other important functions.
bullet Because we tailor our services to meet your business needs
bullet Because we get the job done on time and within budgets.



On Site Support Service

We specialize in providing the technological support essential for small and medium-sized businesses to focus on what they do best and leave their computer worries to us. As your “Personal IT department,” Computer Configurations will provide you with innovative computer and network services that are convenient and reliable. Our commitment to customer service has made us a well known and respected on-site computer support provider. Benefit from years of computer expertise and training from our network of trusted, industry-certified technicians.


Our solution to support is simple. We setup a custom maintenance contract to have an IT professional at your location as often as your company requires. This has become a very popular IT Support Solution to small businesses:

  • Affordable

  • Flexible



Because cost is always an issue when technical support is needed for LAN, Desktop software, and hardware. Many of our clients tell us that they don't have the technical support they need in house or the money to pay a full time IT professional. Some companies are forced to select an employee to solve computer problems developing frustration due to lack of expertise and causing productivity delays.

What happens when my computer goes down and I need immediate access to my files?

In these cases we have excellent solutions:
  • We can provide you with a computer loaner so you can continue working.
  • We can  troubleshoot the system remotely
  • We can have someone visit you within four business hours.

How flexible is this program?

Can I arrange to have the technician every two weeks or maybe twice a week instead?

Yes, you can. This is why this program works so well with many of our clients. Our program is very flexible and works around your schedule. We only require you to set up your appointments at least three days in advance. How many days per week or how often is determined by our clients and their needs.

What kind of technical support does your company provide?

We have a diversity of individuals with different backgrounds. In summary, but not limited to the following, we try to focus our services on providing technical support for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and 2008 Server, local area networks as well as desktop hardware and software support.  We also specialize in installations of desktops, servers, hardware components, operating systems and upgrades.

We always dispatch a qualified, certified support specialist who is familiar with your infrastructure and your needs.


Let us introduce our services to you without any obligation. You may not need our services today but we'll be there when you do.



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